Licensed and Bonded
Building Code

Building Height and Area Limitations

“Check Height & Area” Calculators (Cha-Cha) for  IBC and CBC.

These are easy to use calculators for design/analysis of buildings up to 6 stories, with up to 4 occupancy groups at each level. By using these applications you can also calculate the Frontage increase (If) and the Grade Plane elevation.

"Check Height & Area” Calculator for 2015 IBC.
The calculator is available at

Cha-Cha_2016 CBC
- Click to Open/Download "Check Height and Area” Calculator for 2016 CBC

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures” Calculators- perfect applications for mixed use projects. You can use them to calculate the minimum required number of plumbing fixtures for new buildings in compliance with 2009-2012-2015 IBC/IPC and 2013-2016 CBC/CPC

Click to Open/Download "Plumbing Fixtures” Calculator for 2016 CBC.
Main changes from the previous version:
-Option to swap up to 67% Male Water Closets with Urinals (per Footnote 4 of Table 422.1)
-Option to select a Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Facility in lieu of a single Male or Female Water Closet per Sec. 422.2.1

Click to Open/Download "Plumbing Fixtures” Calculator for 2015 IBC.

Click to Open/Download "Plumbing Fixtures” Calculator for 2012 IBC.

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