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Welcome to ara4help!

This website presents the easy to use Calculators, created just for architects, engineers, designers, planners and plan reviewers.

 “Check Height & Area” Calculators (Cha-Cha) check building Height and area compliance with the 2015 IBC and 2007/2010/2013/2016 CBC for buildings up to 6 stories, with up to 4 occupancy groups at each level. By using these applications you can also calculate the Frontage increase (If) and the Grade Plane elevation.  
“Plumbing Fixtures” Calculators are perfect applications for mixed use projects. You can use them to calculate the minimum required number of plumbing fixtures for new buildings in compliance with 2012-2015 IBC/IPC and  2013- 2016 CBC/CPC.

 For these Free Calculators Simply click on Building Code 

Also, for those designing for the City of L.A., helpful zoning and planning tools are provided under Los Angeles. Currently “LA Side/Rear/Front Yard” is available.

You can download the Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) / Sound Transmission Class (STC) Calculator at the Green page. 

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